The Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, is one of the most recognised academies in Europe. You can find more about the school and its program on the original website – in German, English, Swedish, Italian and French.


On this website we regularily publish photos from everyday life at school, taken by dance photographer Vreni Arbes - as well as reflections on dance and dance education, written by Stefan Sixt.

In this respect, our Dance Diary is much more than just another album. Dance Diary offers an intimate view into a professional dance program. That's why we chose not to just add another album on the Iwanson website or on facebook.

But the Dance Diary project is even more: We are going to create a photo exhibition in May 2016 at the Cultural Centre Gasteig, we are going to publish a calender by the end of 2016 and edit a book with the ultimate choice of Vreni's work.